By the dozen

A DozenDid you ever see anything more beautiful in your life? A dozen fresh, glorious eggs after a winter of the brittle shells and lackluster yolks of the store-bought variety. On Monday Sarah Shea made eggs for lunch. As the eggs were cooking away in the pan I caught a glimpse of them and was amazed at their color. It literally looked as though she had added orange dye to achieve such a brilliant hue.

The flock can be counted on to lay between 3 and 8 eggs these days, and more often than not we bring in 6 every evening. As you can see in the photo, even our lone Auracana has ramped up production (she’s responsible for the white egg). Even though spring isn’t quite here yet, the hens have signaled a change in the seasons that has us all excited.

Spring means so many things on a farm – this week we’re tackling the very cliche “spring cleaning” in the common house. The office is getting a total makeover, with cob patches in cracked areas and mouse holes, a fresh coat of paint to brighten things up, and a brand new storage closet. It feels like a calm time right about now, but under the surface we’re quietly preparing for multiple births, the arrival of chicks, and the much-anticipated turkey nesting. Stay tuned!

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