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Hitting the bottle

Our beloved little ewe has just not taken to nursing like her two brothers, and we’re dancing on a thin line as we try to coax her to nurse but know that we have to supplement her diet so that … Continue reading

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New Arrivals

After a couple of anxious days waiting for Gabby to go into labor, she delivered three healthy lambs this morning. She was obviously uncomfortable around 8 AM, but once she went into labor the entire process took around 45 minutes. … Continue reading

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

…Especially when your neighbors are goats and sheep. This week we started implementing a new fencing plan on the southern tip of the property. The new fencing will allow the White Oak herd to access a lot of new pasture. … Continue reading

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Out to pasture

After the torrential December rains (that the majority of us missed because we were on holiday), we’ve been having some fabulous weather. Chilly clear nights give way to foggy mornings, but once the fog clears the sun warms the entire … Continue reading

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