May Critter Update

Halfway through May, the lambs are over two months old, Molly’s kids are a month and half old, and Tillia’s a month. It’s an appropriate time to check in on the little babes and see how they’re coming along:

The Lambs
These guys are huge! The two brothers, Chip and Clip, could still be lifted by an ambitious individual, but their growth has been overwhelming. They still love to throw their weight around, bucking and galloping with glee, but their stride is decidedly heavier. Their sister, Elsa, is significantly smaller, but putting on weight at a good pace. All are well-adapted and love a good scratch on the head. All are still nursing, but they have developed a healthy appreciation for grass and sun. They are unruly though, and require close supervision when being run out to pasture as they easily become distracted and a little too interested in the crops they pass on the way.



Molly’s Kids
All are growing, but a lot more slowly than the lambs. The biggest of the three is Big Brother, followed closely by his sister Leah. The runt of the bunch is Gus, mostly because he is more timid than the others. He will climb in your lap, jump on your bag, chew your hair and steal your heart. They love butting heads and frolicking, and are getting really good at King of the Mountain. We started separating the kids from Molly at night this week, and are milking her in the mornings. Our first batch of fresh cheese was processed today!


Tilia’s Kids
The youngest of the bunch, Fawns and Elvis are gentle and quiet. They are nursing well but can’t keep up with Tilia’s milk production, so we’re milking her out once a day to keep her healthy.

Fawnz and Elvis


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