Rogue Valley Earth Day 2011

The White Oak crew had a table at RVED 2011 on April 23rd. The day was overcast and chilly, and rather than bring our usual bucket-o-cob much to the chagrin of clay-stained parents and children alike, we opted to bring month-old Elsa. Courtney and our intern Kala went early to set up the booth, and I loaded Elsa into a doggy crate with a quart of goat’s milk and a bushel basket of hay in tow. It turns out lambs don’t make the best passengers, as she cried nearly the entire way, except when Car Talk came on the radio. I guess she’s a fan of Click and Clack.

Once we got there, I had rigged a sheep harness as a kind of halter and roped a leash onto the back (lambs also do not like collars), and she trotted along like a champion. At the booth, she was a little shy but took the day in stride, chumming it up with everyone that came her way. When it was time for a feed, she surprised all of us by sipping down goats’ milk straight out of the jar!

Rogue Valley Earth DayWe all had a lot of fun greeting new and old friends and answering questions. Especially with so much recent interest in locally grown organic food, we’re proud to show off what we do to the community.

Rogue Valley Earth Day

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