Buckets of Rain

It’s been a wet two weeks here at the farm, and things are getting to a point where the moisture is literally putting a damper on our Springtime activities. On the to-do list: bring in fire wood, plant out potatoes, weed some of the farm beds, and plant out early season crops. The last two on that list are fairly pressing, as we’ve got a legion of a little starts rearing to go in the greenhouse, and no place dry enough to put them. We’ve exhausted our list of things that can be done under cover, which is never a bad thing as the animals find themselves in clean stalls with fresh straw, and the barn is also pretty sparkly. The greenhouse has benefited as well, with a full weeding taking place this morning and an up-potting of tomato seedlings to give them roomier accommodation.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that things will dry out in time for the spring crops and fruit trees to have a good season!

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