Make your own potting soil!

Here at the farm we go through heaps of organic potting soil each spring. To buy it in bags from the garden center would be absolutely ridiculous, and even a bulk purchase wouldn’t sustain our appetite for the stuff. Mixing potting soil is easy and the ingredients are readily available in bulk, and we produce the prime ingredient right here on the farm!

Potting SoilWe use a big galvanized tub to blend the ingredients together, and then fill flats and small pots with it as a perfect medium for germination and growth of tiny seedlings.

The key ingredient is sifted soil, over a period of months, the worms and micro-organisms get to work turning raw materials into rich planting medium. We sift it through a mesh screen to remove pieces of wood or other debris.

1 Wheel Barrel Sifted Soil (you can also use homemade compost)
5 Gallons Peat Moss (We use a 5 gallon bucket to measure.)
2.5 Gallons Perlite (Be careful with this stuff! It will irritate your eyes and lungs so wear a mask!)
2 Quarts Organic Fertilizer
2 Quarts Kelp
1.25 Gallons Sand (This one is optional.)

Mix it all together!

There is no substitute for giving seedlings a strong start with good organic soil. It is full of good things and is fairly inexpensive to produce.

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