Baa baa black sheep

The lambs are already growing so quickly!

There was a little scare with one of the boys, who was born with inverted eyelids (entropion) – the fear is that if they continued to develop incorrectly he could have caught an infection leading to blindness. Luckily for us those miniature binder clips are a beautiful solution to just this kind of problem, and after 24 hours with his lower eyelids clipped open his eyes have straightened out their act. Also, the little girl isn’t nursing as enthusiastically as we’d like, but we don’t want her to become accustomed to being bottle-fed so we’re checking up on her regularly to make sure she’s nursing.

This morning Gabby was going stir-crazy from being shut in with her lambs since their birth, so we opened the door and now the four of them have the run to themselves.

You’ll notice from the photos the lambs are covered in black wool. Gabby’s lambs are always born black, but they develop fluffy white coats as they mature, and keep their black faces and legs.



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