Busy busy

SnowOur work days this week were “interrupted” by a bout of snow that shook us out of our springtime glee and blanketed the farm in a classic winter wonderland. Luckily we had a few indoor tasks lined up for just such an occasion, namely a new pantry in the common house to store canned and  dry goods, winter squash, and the like, a new set of cushions for the cob bench that wraps around our table, and a rebuild for the website.

Taylor and Tyler busted out the pantry in two days, which not only stores food within easy reach but also stores the refrigerator.

Sarah Shea, Courtney, and I worked on the cushions over the two days as well, and Courtney did an amazing job spicing up the back cushions with applique bird details. We now have a fancy set of green corduroy cushions that don’t slide all over the place when people sit on them.

We had a minor power outage yesterday that left us twiddling our thumbs for a little bit since our sewing machines were out of commission. It didn’t last long though and Sarah and I filled the time by shooing deer away from the perimeter of the deer fence and shaking our heads at three big goose eggs a Canada Goose pair decided to plop down right beside the pond. We are not looking forward to being harassed by a couple of angry geese, but we’re hoping their early nesting will mean they will be out of here sooner rather than later.

After lunch on our second day I worked to bust out the redesign, which some readers probably recognize from our old wordpress blog. Don’t go there anymore. Why would you want to? This place right here is better, faster, stronger, and best of all it’s super integrated. You’ll probably notice there are still some broken links and things that look like they should go somewhere but don’t, but we’re diligently working on it and looking forward to the new site. It’s a big update because the old design was over eight years old. Stay tuned!


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