The entire farm thinks it’s Spring this morning. There is an army of robins outside, turning over wet leaves in search of insects. With the warmth over the past few days, first we heard a solitary frog croaking away in the forest, and now there are perhaps hundreds singing around the pond. So much movement and life! Everything is saturated from the persistent rain we’ve had over the weekend, everywhere the ground seeps water that drains quickly through tiny gullies and forms pools and puddles in the low places. There are footprints from a skunk or a raccoon in the mud by the barn. We opened up the bee hive this morning to find a quiet flurry of activity, and all around it feels like things are waking up.

The sun is pouring in through the windows. We are opening the doors to let in the crisp air. My footsteps make sucking sounds as I walk, and this morning it seemed like the critters could hardly wait to be let out. The turkeys, previously subdued by the cold, filed out from their roost into the sunlight and took off running and flapping their wings on their way to the barn. The sheep and goats were ravenous at their pile of hay, and the chickens noisily piled themselves against the door of their coop. When I opened it they spilled out like apples from a bushel basket.

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