Winter projects

At the moment we’re not milking goats, harvesting strawberries, weeding onions, or loading up truckloads of produce to take to market. With the cold, a quiet draws over the farm, and we take on less glamorous work. The past two weeks have seen a flurry of reorganization and tidying up, with Courtney, Sarah and I working to clean up the perennial beds, and Taylor and Tyler buzzing away with saws and tools, outfitting the farm with functional gates, cubby’s, and shelves to stave off the midsummer racket of stuff that overtakes everything in the flurry of the harvest.

Courtney and I attacked the tool room, which up until now (and for as long as anybody can remember) has been not just a room for tools but a room for anything and everything that didn’t have some other place in the barn. We sorted through the piles and boxes, swept over and over, vacuumed cobwebs and ant nests, and got everything into a semblance of order before Taylor and Tyler got to work installing more adequate shelving. Also the staging area for produce cleaning and prep got a little makeover, hopefully to make things seamless once market time comes around.

Market storage cubbies


New wood storage doors

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