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We would like to thank our many foundation supporters, donors, and volunteers, and our talented and dedicated staff.  Thank you for making our work possible!

Evelyn Roether, Janet Shea, Sara Katz and David Markle,
Paul and Martha Cox, John Shea (in memoriam), Sally and
Rick Ricupero, Tim Shea, Felicia Knowles, Carrie Little,
Janie and Kirk Starr, Helen Majzler, Sallie Swartz, Kathy
Shea, Martha and Samuel Jacobs, Sallie Shawl, Steve and
Sandy Hill, Cindy O’Brien, Gordon Meyer, Cheryl
Grandfield, Madrone and Cedar Grey, Walter and Connie
Lindley, Terry Tobey, Jean Greco, Ann Neely, Pam and
Dwight Jewson, Jane Neubauer, Matt and Amanda Wilson,
Oregon Community Foundation, Greater Tacoma
Community Foundation, Four Way Foundation, Hendrix
Foundation, Jewish Community Fund, Carpenter
Foundation, Cow Creek Foundation, Barbour Family
Foundation, Ashland Food Coop, OGC, New Belgium
Brewing, Cliff Bar, Jen Hamar and Mike Merg, Eli Sarnat,
James Haim, Andy Fischer, Jenny Kuehnle, Melina Barker,
James and Kari Jungsworth, Rick and LouAnn Faist, Kara
Olmo, Brian Hunter, Brian Geier, Elizabeth Tobey,
Northwest Nature Shop, Siskiyou Massage, Herb Pharm,
Siskiyou Sungrown, Jan Albright, Sunspirit Farm, Barking
Moon Farm, L&R Family Farm, Cassidy Geppert, Ashland
Fly Shop, Peach Rock Farm, Matt Stern, Ashland Book
Exchange, Andrew Simmons and Kristy Newell, Dan the
Backhoe Man, Oshala Farm, Serene Dussell, Indigo Creek
Outfitters, Thompson Creek Organics, Wooldridge Creek
Winery, High Mowing Seeds, Hawthorne Institute, Teri
Treat, Liz and Perrin, Kyle Akin, Lloyd Kahn, William
Sullivan, Dave Summers, Casey Frieder, John Hutton; and
especially our incredible and dedicated crew: Forrest
Gillies, Nicole Kraft, Josh Weber, Stephen Saladyga,
Ruby Moon, Jenna Iris, Emily Otte, Jake Manning,
Tankai Say, Jacquelyn McCarrick, Willow Starr, Corbin
Brashear, Clair Highfield, and Hannah Borgerson!