Children’s Education Program Coordinator

White Oak Farm is looking for a new Children’s Education Program Coordinator for the 2015-2016 seasons.  This is an opportunity to guide and shape a vibrant farm-based education program entering its 13th year of programming in 2015.

This part-time position is a multifaceted job that is responsible for managing and implementing the Children’s Education Programs at White Oak Farm & Education Center. The Education Coordinator will plan, fund, staff and deliver: School Visits, Farm Camp Farmstay, and Preschool, as well as any additional children’s education programs. The position begins January 2015, and will be compensated with a salary paid monthly. The amount of work to be performed will be based on the success of program funding. Work performed as Coordinator will be paid at an hourly rate of $12/hr. The salary is based on an average of three days per week of work over the initial six months of the position. Increased or decreased hours will be negotiated at that time. The position is offered for two years, with the understanding that both White Oak Farm and the Coordinator will make every effort to fulfill this time commitment.

This is a residential position, with housing available in a beautiful and unique cob/straw bale cabin suitable for one or two people.  This position represents an opportunity to be a part of the leadership team at White Oak Farm. It will involve the responsibility of insuring the successful operation of the Children’s Education component of the work at the Farm. It also has the benefits of autonomy to shape the program in new and exciting ways and a beautiful place to live and work.  Access to farm produce, eggs, and dairy are available as a benefit of involvement in the life of the farm.

To apply please send a cover letter describing your relevant experiences and interests, along with a resume and references to