Sustainable Living Skills Class Series

Saturday, March 4th: Starting Your Spring
Vegetable Garden
with Taylor Starr
9-1 : organic snack provided

Let’s get the Garden going!!!!  This class will begin with some of the basics of starting your garden- how to make potting soil, increasing fertility of your soil, bed preparation, and different types of irrigation.  We will also cover seeding and varieties that thrive in our bio region, crop rotation, inter-planting, and so much more.  Let’s grow some food!!!

Taylor Starr is a co-founder of White Oak Farm & Education Center in Williams, Oregon. He has been the Farm’s Director since 2002, and has been involved in all aspects of the Farm’s design, construction, management, and programs from 2002-2016. White Oak serves as a working organic farm, children’s education center, and host for adult workshops in natural building and permaculture. The Farm is a 14 year living laboratory of practical permaculture. Taylor has worked to design and install systems including: ponds, swales and water catchment; perennial plantings of herbs, berries, nitrogen fixers, fruit trees, insectiary plants, and basketry plants; shelterbelts and hedgerows, food forests, animal housing and forage for chickens, turkeys, sheep and goats; annual crops systems including alley cropping; and much more.

Saturday, March 25th:  Building A Tiny House
With Nicole Kraft & Casey Wright
9-1 : organic snack provided

In this four hour class we will discuss our process of designing and building our Tiny House on Wheels. The class will also go into design considerations, trailer options and selection, tools, planning and choosing building materials, Interior and exterior finish work, resource sharing, and more. The class will also include a tour of our tiny house, work space, pictures and video from various steps in our building process.

Casey and Nicole started to envision plans for a tiny house on wheels in the Spring of 2015. Nearly 2 years later, we are just a few months from moving in. Slowly and steadily, we designed and built our tiny house over the course of much research, effort, and commitment.


IMG_3169Saturday, April 15th: Perennial Crop Care
With Taylor Starr and Brian Geier
9-1 : organic snack provided

This hands-on class will explore the world of perennials. Grow food, medicine, teas, fiber, basketry materials and more every year on your homestead with a small amount of maintenance. We will explore different methods of propagation, and participants will be able to bring home cuttings and divisions of plants.  Some of the plants folks will be working with and bring home include: valerian, comfrey, lemon balm, basketry willow, flowers, raspberries, strawberries, grapes and more.  Learn how to integrate low maintenance and high-bearing perennials into your homestead to feed your body and fuel your soul.


IMG_3169Saturday, May 13th: Fabulous Ferments
With Brian Geier
9-1 – organic snack provided

Join us for a hands-on workshop on the fabulous world of ferments: making sauerkrauts, goat milk yogurt, and catching and using sourdough!
This class will include:

1) A short discussion of fermentation. What is fermentation? What are the important factors to keep in mind when fermenting food? What are different types of fermentation, and which ones create what foods? Which are good resources for learning more about fermentation, using fermented foods, and where can you obtain cultures/equipment needed?

2) Hands-on sauerkraut making. We’ll discuss salt-based fermentation and perform the steps involved in making sauerkraut. We’ll explore salt: vegetable ratios, spices and mixtures, fermentation vessels, and how you can ferment at home with equipment most of us have easy access to. Take home a jar of sauerkraut to ferment yourself! We’ll stay in touch as a class via an email list to discuss any questions that come up as your jar ferments in your home.

3) Hands-on yogurt making. We’ll discuss fermentation of milk and the use of cultures, and each do or see the steps involved in making goat yogurt. We’ll explore heating and cooling of milk, adding cultures, and setting up incubation “chambers” for ferments like yogurt//tempeh using materials most of us have lying around the home. We’ll have fresh yogurt to try for snack time, and discuss whey, the useful by-product of making yogurt/cheese.

4) A short discussion of catching and using sourdough. We’ll have a demonstration of catching, storing, feeding and using sourdough to make the easiest of sourdough foods: the sourdough crepe/pancake/taj. Take home bubbly sourdough culture we caught here on the farm for you to use.

A printout class guide will be available to take home that will summarize most information covered in this class, or give resources to obtain the information later.

Class instructor: Brian Geier. Brian lives and works at White Oak as Children’s Education Coordinator. Before moving to Oregon, he farmed vegetables in Kentucky and for 4 years operated “Sour Power”, a small commercial food manufacturing business that made seasonal sauerkrauts, sour pickles, and tempeh for sale at farmer’s markets and grocery stores.

JUNE 9-11th: Intro to Natural Building
with Taylor Starr & James Haim

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